Off into the sunset.

Driving to dinner and I got caught in a pigeon’s line of fire. I’m assuming it was a pigeon because of the size of the projectile. We grow pigeons big here in Arizona.

Slice of my birthday cake.

I had this slice of the Classic Better Than Sex Cake on my birthday (April 21st). This combination of chocolate cake, caramel, whipped cream, and Heat Bar Crunch is from the Better Than Sex Cafe in Chandler, Arizona. It is REALLY good.

Yes, it’s really that hot!

Just got home from work a few minutes ago. Today’s forecast high was between 105-108 degrees. I guess we weren’t disappointed:

And it’s not even "summer" yet

Looks like the mild spring temperatures here in Arizona are only a memory now. It may be a dry heat but I still have the A/C cranked.

Alien Cat

Bella’s a pretty good cat. Definitely an “unconditional love” kind of creature. However, this particular morning he was showing his Mr. Hyde side.