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A dragonfly and an unconscious smile.

I caught myself smiling when I noticed a dragonfly hovering over my car on the way to work this morning.

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A quick, mid-summer update.

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted anything here on In addition to being a new, first-time father, this year has seen me and my family move from Arizona to Texas. With that comes a tremendous amount of change. Although overwhelmingly GOOD change, it is change nonetheless. Adapting to that change has not left much time for me to sit and be contemplative and creative. In the near future, I should be able to better make time for these side projects and hobbies.

Well, our baby is waking up…see you again soon!

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Accepting Apologies

When someone has said something uncalled for and hurt your feelings, if they do apologize, it’s OK to let them apologize with grace and humility, and to accept the apology with grace.

Granted, the apology is probably bullshit.

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What I learned in 2009:

It’s harder to lose a pet and companion than you think.