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For the love of nougat.

Maybe the word love is a bit strong, but I like nougat.  If it’s made right, I really enjoy the way this chewy sweet confection tastes.  I even like the way the word nougat sounds.  Say it fast or say it slow, it just sounds funny.   It’s a good word.  But what is nougat, really?  Funny you should ask.  Check out the site whatisnougat.com.

In the last year and a half, I’ve even made a couple of batches of nougat myself:

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I must say they didn’t turn out half bad.  One thing’s for sure.  Making nougat is both science and art.

So what got me thinking of nougat today?  A friend at work called me over and said, “Stop by when you can.  I’ve got something for you that is all YOU.”

When I walked over, here’s what he gave me:


The definition of Nougatocity.  Found on the inside of a Snicker’s wrapper.

Awesome, huh?  Simply nougat.

Another guilty pleasure.

Another guilty pleasure.

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After lunch today, I walked into the breakroom. I kind of had a sweet tooth today. And guess what I found? I found the Original Red Twists, also known as Red Vines! I’m thinking I’ve been doing pretty good this week as far as food choices go, so I’m going to treat myself. Plus, as always, they’re FAT FREE!


My sweet tooth strikes again.

I thought I’d gotten control of my childhood taste for anything with sugar (including straight sugar). Apparently that old friend has been paying me a visit.