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Toasted Almond and Dried Cherry Nougat

My Nougat Mission

The Christmas season is upon us and that means one thing. It’s time for nougat.

“Nougat, you say?”

Yes, nougat.

In recent years, I’ve become enamored with this strange confection. There are several reasons why.

First, I just like the sound of the word. It’s subtle, with a sense of whimsy and humor associated with it. In fact, I’ve heard David Letterman claim nougat is one of the top-ten funniest words in the English language. After banana and monkey, of course.

Next, I find it interesting how many people have no clue what nougat is. When you ask someone “Would you like some nougat?” and all you get back is a confused look, you know there’s an information gap that needs filling. I’ve tried to fill that gap with my website “What Is Nougat?“.

Finally, for those that are familiar with nougat, most think it’s the filling inside a Snickers candy bar. Although I do enjoy Snickers occasionally for it’s claimed nougatocity, it’s chewy peanut filling isn’t really nougat. At least not in the traditional sense. When you experience REAL nougat, you’ll understand why. It’s just good.

A Season for Sharing

It’s for these reasons I’ve made it one of my missions in life to spread the nougat message. In fact, you might even call me an Evangelizing Nougatologist.

In this Christmas season’s spirit of sharing and bringing joy to others, I share my recent batch of Toasted Almond and Dried Cherry Nougat.

The recipe I used (courtesy of Emeril Lagasse) follows.

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