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Craig Priebe’s Chunky Tomato Basil Sauce

This is one of my favorite sauces to make when making pizza at home. I learned about it, along with several other great pizza recipes, on Craig Priebe’s Grilled Pizza site.

I’ve made this sauce countless times and people often comment on how good it tastes. I highly recommend adding this to your list of stock recipes. Read more

Craig Priebe’s Margheritan Grilled Pizza

Of all the grilled pizza recipes I’ve tried, The Margheritan has easily become a mainstay for me. Simple, without a lot of different toppings, the combination of flavors really stand out.

This is a grilled pizza that comes together quickly with excellent results. Read more

Craig Priebe’s Herbed Grill Oil

There’s a saying I like that “simple is always better”. I think that is why I like this Herbed Grill Oil recipe shared by chef Craig Priebe.

When I started making grilled pizzas, what I appreciated about this recipe (like many of Craig’s recipes) is it added a lot of flavor to the finished pizzas without the need for an extremely complicated recipe or lots of prep time. Read more

Craig Priebe’s How to Grill Pizza

The summer grilling season is approaching and I want to bring attention to one of my favorite grilling techniques, Grilled Pizza, made popular by chef Craig Priebe.

If you’ve ever eaten gourmet pizza made in a brick oven, you know how good the crispy, smoky crust is. Craig’s grilled pizza technique makes recreating this crust easy. I think you’ll be impressed with the results.

If you haven’t grilled pizza before, you should definitely give this a try. Read more

Craig Priebe’s Grilled Pizza Dough

Chef Craig Priebe walks through his standard Grilled Pizza Dough recipe:

I prefer using unbleached flour for my pizza dough because bleached flour has chlorine agents that remove nutrients such as beta-carotene from the dough. These natural nutrients add flavor, color, and more nutrition to your pizza crust. A little whole wheat flour results in a more robust and chewy crust. Read more

Margherita Pan Pizza

This week I was reading the latest issue of Cook’s Illustrated American Classics published by America’s Test Kitchen. What I love about America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated magazine is how the test cooks explain how and why certain recipes work and how to arrive at the best version of each. Better yet, they explain in a way that someone like me can duplicate the steps AND achieve the same results.

I’ve been making my own pizzas at home for a couple of years now with very satisfying results. In the issue I was reading, an article titled “Perfecting Pepperoni Pan Pizza” caught my eye. A thin crust baked on a pizza stone is usually my go-to homemade pizza of choice because pan pizzas are usually doughy and too greasy. But according to this article, their version of the recipe solved those problems.

I figured I’d give it the recipe a try – with some modifications. I’m a big fan of Craig Priebe‘s method of grilling pizza. One of my favorite recipes of his is The Margheritan. Rather than go with pepperoni, I decided to top my pan pizza Margheritan-style. Aside from the use of fresh mozzarella and fresh basil, I followed the Cook’s Illustrated recipes for Pepperoni Pan Pizza (minus the pepperoni) and Basic Pizza Sauce.

Shown here are my finished pizzas. They were DELICIOUS.