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"The Food Monkey" Lives!

In July of 2007, I came across an interesting food blog named “The Food Monkey“.

The Food Monkey - The Boston Food Blog That Will Eat No Evil!

This Boston-based blog’s tag line is “The Boston Food Blog That Will Eat No Evil!” The combination of things I like – food, blogs and monkeys – was what hooked me. Alas, in my own blog post mentioning the site, the Food Monkey appeared to  have not been updated in awhile and then, seemed to disappear.

Yesterday, Mike Prerau, the voice behind The Food Monkey, commented on my earlier post…

My site was hacked, but it’s been up and running strong for the past year :) Thanks for the shout out!!

It looks like The Food Monkey is alive and well. Although the focus is on Boston (one of my favorite cities), the food stories are universal and offer an interesting perspective on food. Where else can you find a story on “The Art of the Fiber Cocktail”?

Check out the Best of the Food Monkey for a collection of some popular posts.

An update coming soon.

I was intending to post an update earlier in the week.  However, this has been a week where wrenches of the monkey variety became lodged in the machinery of my life.

For now, I’m reminded of a quote from John Lennon:

“The more I see the less I know for sure.”

I’ll have more tonight or tomorrow morning.

The Food Monkey – Eat No Evil

How can you not visit a blog that combines food with monkeys?

The Food Monkey – Eat No Evil

Well, I visited this one and I liked the theme. Too bad there hasn’t been an update in over a year. Where are you Food Monkey??