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Craig Priebe’s Margheritan Grilled Pizza

Of all the grilled pizza recipes I’ve tried, The Margheritan has easily become a mainstay for me. Simple, without a lot of different toppings, the combination of flavors really stand out.

This is a grilled pizza that comes together quickly with excellent results. Read more

Craig Priebe’s How to Grill Pizza

The summer grilling season is approaching and I want to bring attention to one of my favorite grilling techniques, Grilled Pizza, made popular by chef Craig Priebe.

If you’ve ever eaten gourmet pizza made in a brick oven, you know how good the crispy, smoky crust is. Craig’s grilled pizza technique makes recreating this crust easy. I think you’ll be impressed with the results.

If you haven’t grilled pizza before, you should definitely give this a try. Read more

I love vegetables cooked on the grill.

OK, maybe “LOVE” is a little strong. But I do like them. And they are really easy to make… easy like your… But I digress. I kind of followed this “Sensational Foil-Pack Vegetables” recipe.

Getting ready to grill some veggies