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Flying Pig maple and bacon doughnut.

Arizona Food

This Week’s Bountiful Basket

I just returned from picking up my baskets of produce courtesy of My $34 contribution included the conventional basket, an Italian pack and an assorted cookie pack.

Look at all we got:


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"The Food Monkey" Lives!

In July of 2007, I came across an interesting food blog named “The Food Monkey“.

The Food Monkey - The Boston Food Blog That Will Eat No Evil!

This Boston-based blog’s tag line is “The Boston Food Blog That Will Eat No Evil!” The combination of things I like – food, blogs and monkeys – was what hooked me. Alas, in my own blog post mentioning the site, the Food Monkey appeared to  have not been updated in awhile and then, seemed to disappear.

Yesterday, Mike Prerau, the voice behind The Food Monkey, commented on my earlier post…

My site was hacked, but it’s been up and running strong for the past year :) Thanks for the shout out!!

It looks like The Food Monkey is alive and well. Although the focus is on Boston (one of my favorite cities), the food stories are universal and offer an interesting perspective on food. Where else can you find a story on “The Art of the Fiber Cocktail”?

Check out the Best of the Food Monkey for a collection of some popular posts.

Food Pizza Recipes

Homemade Frying-pan Pizza

If you’ve ever made pizza at home, you may have found that, for some reason, something is lacking. For the longest time I did as well. About a year ago, I came across Craig Priebe’s site on How to Grill Pizza. Talk about a pizza revelation. Craig shares his techniques and recipes for creating an awesome grilled pizzed from scratch. I’ve been using his homemade dough and tomato basil pizza sauce recipes for months now. With Craig’s recipes, a pizza stone and my old gas grill, I’ve been putting together some pretty tasty pizzas. It only takes a bit of effort and you will be amazed at how good this stuff tastes. Plus it’s fresh and homemade. How can you beat that?

Last week I picked up a copy of Mother Earth News (it’s a magazine about sustainable, self-reliant living). In the Country Lore section of the October/November 2008 issue, an article on Crusty Frying-pan Pizza caught my eye. In the article they describe how to make a homemade pizza using a cast-iron pan in the oven.

Well, I have a cast-iron Lodge frying pan. Why not see if the results I get from the frying pan match what I was getting from the grill? I figured I would continue to use Craig Priebe’s dough and sauce recipes instead of the pizza dough recipe in the magazine. I’m hooked on the whole wheat flour/corn meal dough, so why change?

Here’s what I ended up making last night:

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Looks good, huh? The pictures below show how I put it all together:

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