Let the holiday force be with you.


Life Observations

Merry Christmas!

Tumbleweed Tree, Chandler, Arizona

At this moment, it’s early morning on Christmas Eve.   It’s still dark outside.  I was lying in bed thinking about the holiday and Christmas cards I haven’t sent.  I’m kind of inconsistent about it.  If I remember correctly, last year’s cards went out the day after Christmas.  They were late (in the traditional sense) but I’m hopeful the people I sent them to still appreciated them once they arrived. 

So here we are, another year and another Christmas.  Have I sent any cards?  Nope, I haven’t even bought any.  I suppose I could give the usual excuse: "It’s just been really busy lately."  But when isn’t it busy for you, for me, for everyone? 

Or maybe, I could use this new, environmentally-conscious excuse: "In order to reduce the amount of natural resources consumed, discarded AND to reduce my global footprint, I have suspended purchasing and sending of all holiday cards."  I’m sure there’s a statistic I could dig up somewhere on the shocking amount of space Christmas cards take up in landfills across the country.

Instead, I think I’ll probably do my best to reach out to everyone that is important to me by sending some emails, calling on the phone and making some time to let them all know they’re being thought of.  That’s what really counts, right?

By the way, have a  Merry Christmas!