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What an aspirational little vine. #reachforthestars

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Strong storms over Oklahoma

Strong storms over Oklahoma by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr.

Incredible as I watch the reports of the devastation and think of how much energy was concentrated on such a relatively small area.

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International iPhone charging can be a hassle.


A few of our coworkers from London, England were here in Austin this past week. Here’s the stack of power adapters  one of them had to lug around to merely charge his iPhone.

Life is good.

Happiness is a bouncy gym.


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“Hey Jude” Flowchart

I find myself often saying “Hey Jude” in order to get Jude’s attention. This has understandably made people think of the Beatles’ classic of the same name. Incidentally, I don’t mind the comparison at all.


This flowchart is a fun take on that song, showing how each verse is related to the title. Very creative and fun!

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