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What do you think this fortune is suggesting?

And I’m sure those are THE winning PowerBall numbers tonight. I will soon be $100000000 richer!

What do you think this fortune is suggesting?

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Concert Clip from The Police – June 23rd, 2007 – Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA

55,000 people singing along with Sting and The Police at Dodger Stadium.


My sweet tooth strikes again.

I thought I’d gotten control of my childhood taste for anything with sugar (including straight sugar). Apparently that old friend has been paying me a visit.


I aint playing

I can groove.




When you’re having martinis you can do any thing.

After a quickie…

The lawn really needed mowing today. It was to the point that when I walked on the grass my feet disappeared. After a quick twenty minutes with the old Black & Decker electric mower front and back yards were done. Here’s a view of the back.