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A quick, mid-summer update.

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted anything here on In addition to being a new, first-time father, this year has seen me and my family move from Arizona to Texas. With that comes a tremendous amount of change. Although overwhelmingly GOOD change, it is change nonetheless. Adapting to that change has not left much time for me to sit and be contemplative and creative. In the near future, I should be able to better make time for these side projects and hobbies.

Well, our baby is waking up…see you again soon!

Smile - April 12, 2011

BPP-15: Bell’s Palsy and Me – Three Years Later

A quick summary.

It’s been quite some time since my last post and update about my experiences with and recovery from Bell’s Palsy. I was diagnosed on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 with Bell’s Palsy. During my own search for information on the internet I discovered good information was difficult to find. Bell’s Palsy is not a condition most people are familiar with and

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Elusive sleep.

I’m not sleeping well. This isn’t anything new, as I tend to experience bouts of insomnia on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes it’s caused by stress, sometimes by my mind working through ideas or problems. Either way, it’s frustrating. And according to studies I’ve read, isn’t particularly good for long term health.

I’m writing this post just past 2:00am having tossed and turned in bed for a good three or four hours.

Maybe, now I’ve gotten this off my chest, the sleep that has been so elusive will reveal itself to me.

If only there wasn’t a 6:00am alarm waiting for me. I suppose that’s what coffee is for.

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Be You | Mind Map Inspiration

Be You

Being you is effortless – be you. No one can tap into your unique gifts because no one is like you – be you. No one can compete with you because you are the only one on the entire planet who is you – be you. Others cannot be you and you cannot be anyone else; and neither do you need to – just be you! The easiest thing to do – be you.

Mindmap: Be You

by Paul Foreman on July 5, 2010, via Be You | Mind Map Inspiration

The Harmonica Man

The power of the gift of music.

CBS News Online – The Harmonica Man.

Courtesy of: CBS News Online

Accepting Apologies

When someone has said something uncalled for and hurt your feelings, if they do apologize, it’s OK to let them apologize with grace and humility, and to accept the apology with grace.

Granted, the apology is probably bullshit.