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Town Hall Meeting with Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain visited Go Daddy headquarters today to talk to a large group of employees and answer questions on several “hot-button” political issues.

The senator spoke about national security, the economy, and border security among other topics. Always the skilled politician, Senator McCain answered the questions posed to him while avoiding getting mired in the actual substance of divisive issues like securing the border,amnesty, and support of the tea party movement.

I admit I have philosophical differences with the senator on several issues but it was still an honor to hear him speak. At the conclusion, I even got to shake Senator McCain’s hand.

Mobile phone pictures from the event:

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Trapeze 101 Class

An Unexpected Birthday Gift

Trapeze 101 Class

For my birthday in April, I was given a gift certificate stating I was scheduled to attend a 2-hour, Trapeze 101 class at Trapeze U in Gilbert, Arizona. Needless to say, it was an unexpected gift. I’m not sure I had ever considered flying on a trapeze. I had no idea there was even a trapeze school nearby.

Several years ago, and for no real good reason, I earned the nickname Flying Galindo (Flying G for short).  Flying Galindo sounds similar to the Flying Wallendas, the legendary high wire family. That’s probably what made this gift so appropriate and such a good idea. Now I could live up to my nickname.

After the surprise of the gift wore off, I checked out Trapeze U’s website. I began to get really excited. This was going to be fun.

What a Rush!

Fast forward three weeks to the morning of Saturday, May 15th, 2010. My class was scheduled for 8:00am to 10:00am. What an incredible experience. I climbed the ladder and flew on the trapeze a total of eight times that morning. It was exciting and scary all at the same time. Each time I stepped onto the platform to jump, my heart was racing. Each time I landed and climbed off the net, the adrenaline was flowing. All I could say afterwords was “What a rush!”.

Flying Galindo in Action

The following video and photos show several of my attempts flying on the trapeze.

David Galindo – Trapeze 101 Class from David Galindo on Vimeo.

Thank You

I would like to say the folks over at Trapeze U are incredible. They made the whole experience safe, exciting and fun. I’m giving them two thumbs up.

And a big THANK YOU to my wife for giving me one of the best gifts I have ever received. 🙂

Remembering on Memorial Day


The award-winning 35mm short film,”Reveille”, starring David Huddleston and James McEachin, was released in 2004 and is the work of my long-time friends at Brothers’ Ink Productions – Donovan Montierth, Adam Montierth and Jason Walters. As I remember my grandfather, Wilmer Kiser, who served our country during World War II, I think “Reveille” is a fitting tribute on this Memorial Day.


Changing of the Guard

In a visit to Arlington National Cemetery, I was able to view the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Here is my video of that ceremony:

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Changing of the Guard

Frozen Grand Central

This event happened recently in New York City’s Grand Central Station. It’s captivating in that over 200 people simultaneously walked into one of the busiest train stations in the world and at exactly 2:30 PM, all froze in place. You can even see one person in the video who froze just as he was bending down to pick up papers he dropped.

Frozen Grand Central

You can  here to see the full video on YouTube – unless you’re at work, and they block that kind of stuff like mine does!


The behind-the-scenes story is also interesting. For more on the group that organized the event and some of the other missions they’ve been on, check out Improv Everywhere’s Site.

Slice of my birthday cake.

I had this slice of the Classic Better Than Sex Cake on my birthday (April 21st). This combination of chocolate cake, caramel, whipped cream, and Heat Bar Crunch is from the Better Than Sex Cafe in Chandler, Arizona. It is REALLY good.