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What I learned in 2009:

It’s harder to lose a pet and companion than you think.

Goodbye Bella.

This morning I was given the ashes of my cat, Bella. Bella was my friend and companion for almost 16 years. One week ago today, on January 4th 2009, Bella’s life slipped out of his small body as I held him in my arms.

I was twenty-four when Bella, a six week-old kitten, came into my life. Since then, Bella had been by my side. He was the one constant I could always count on. Now, I am forced to learn to get used to him not being around. I’ve been struggling to talk about this and the loss I feel for the last week. All I can say at this moment is that I feel the wind has been taken out of my sails.

When someone loses a human friend, family member or other loved one, society tends to accept all the ceremony and funeral ritual around remembering the person that died and the grieving that accompanies that loss.  Although the pain and grief can be just as difficult, when losing an animal companion, there isn’t a socially acceptable way to express that grief.

As someone who has recently lost one of the best friends he’s ever had, I find myself trying to navigate through those very waters now. Bella’s death was quick and unexpected. Through the years and until he died, Bella’s personality, caring and unconditional love made my life better. In those last moments, as he struggled to breathe, I looked into his eyes and thanked him for all he brought to my life.

I’m thankful in the end that Bella wasn’t alone and his suffering was brief. Now, with a small container of ashes nearby, I am really missing him.

Bella, this one is for you…

“Why Should I Cry For You” – Sting

[audio:|titles=Why Should I Cry For You]

Cats, Water and the Theory of Felinity

Saturday – Seasonal Cat Bath Day

My two cats are, generally speaking, indoor cats. By “generally” I mean that they don’t “have to” go outside. That’s not to say they don’t “want to” go outside. Because my backyard is enclosed, I usually break down and let them go out. The older cat, Bella, can’t jump walls anymore and is usually ready to come back inside in 20 or 30 minutes. Garla, the younger one (also known as “Hooker”), can make it over the 6-foot cinder block walls and sometimes doesn’t come back for hours (hence the nickname). She’s usually just lying in the shade on the other side of the wall and eventually makes it back, so I don’t worry too much. Plus, she’s fixed.

With all that lounging and roaming around outside, their coats tend to get a little dusty and their fur isn’t as soft as it probably could be. Bella’s hair is pretty thick. When it gets dirty, even the mighty “FURminator” has a hard time keeping up.

I decided Saturday, enough was enough. It was time for the cats’ seasonal bathing.

The Theory of Felinity: E = X(cat)IR

That’s the mathematical formula that explains what I encountered Saturday with my cats, also known as the Theory of Felinity. Let me break that down:

  • E: The potential energy and/or force stored up in my four-footed hair-ball felines.
  • X: The number of hair-ball felines encountered
  • (cat): The unknown, sometimes crazed variable in this equation
  • I: The current intensity (read: insanity) of aforementioned felines
  • R: The exerted resistance during said encounter

Years ago in school, I studied electronics. One of the few things I remember from that time is, don’t get in the middle of an electrical force and ground. Long after those studies – this past Saturday to be precise – I discovered and documented my Theory of Felinity. Borrowing from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Ohm’s Law, the Theory of Felinity is the one, true unifying force in the known universe. Kind of a singularity.

After cleaning these two cats, I think I just might choose grabbing a bare, live electrical cord to grappling with the force described in the Felinity Theorem.

Aftermath of the Bath

Shortly after the bath and doing a quick towel dry, here’s how Bella and Garla looked:

Bella - Aftermath of the bath.
Bella - Aftermath of the bath.
Garla - Aftermath of the bath.
Garla - Aftermath of the bath.

They look harmless, you say? Don’t let that scrawny, sogginess fool you. These two cats are steel traps, waiting to snap. I’ve got the scratches to prove it!

Life Through a Cat's Eyes

The old man in my house, aside from me, is my cat Bella. Bella is coming up on his 15th birthday. I got him as a kitten in May of 1993 and he has been with me through most of my 20’s and 30’s. In that time, Bella and I have lived in seven different homes together. How’s that for commitment?

Bella’s Life Lesson: There’s Nothing Better than a Good Nap

According to Bella, the key to a good, long life is knowing where to find a sunny, warm spot to nap.

From the looks of this pictures, he’s going to live a good, long time.

Garla’s Life Lesson: It’s the Thought that Counts

Garla, on the other hand, is just a kid. She’s four and acts like a temperamental teenager. But she’s got her good side. And she likes to nap too. She’d just prefer to be outside…

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Bella sleeping…again.

Bella sleeping...again.

Here’s Bella in one of his more common states. After eating and sitting on my lap, this is one activity he’s really good at.

My other cat, Garla, has let me know she’s getting a little jealous because I haven’t given her equal blog time in my posts. I’ve promised to devote an upcoming post to her very soon. 🙄

Bella, my alien cat.

Bella, my alien cat.

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This is Bella, one of my two cats. Bella is more than 14 years old. I’ve had him (or he’s had me) since he was about 6 weeks old. Bella kind of thinks he runs the household and usually doesn’t put up with my picture taking. But when he does, for some reason, he ends up looking kind of alien.   This picture is no exception.