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A quick, mid-summer update.

It’s been quite awhile since I last posted anything here on In addition to being a new, first-time father, this year has seen me and my family move from Arizona to Texas. With that comes a tremendous amount of change. Although overwhelmingly GOOD change, it is change nonetheless. Adapting to that change has not left much time for me to sit and be contemplative and creative. In the near future, I should be able to better make time for these side projects and hobbies.

Well, our baby is waking up…see you again soon!

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Life is good.

Happiness is a bouncy gym.


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Believe In You

Our son Jude was born 3 months ago today. I’ve always been somewhat sentimental but since he’s come into our world, every moment with him seems special.

A song from 1995 titled “Believe In You” has been a favorite of mine and seems even more appropriate to me today. It was written by a singer/songwriter (also one of my favorites) by the name of Jude Cole. These lyrics from the song really resonate with me:

There’s too much talk about the clouds of gray
When there’s a great big sky of blue
I turn off the T.V. and look in your eyes
And I know that I’ve found something true
Just believe in you, yeah
And I’ll believe in me

The complete song can be heard here:

Baby Family Photographs

The day after Thanksgiving.

Jude relaxing in Caldwell Texas the day after Thanksgiving.


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Baby Video

Jude, in his own words.

Jude, in his own words. from David Galindo on Vimeo.

Jude Michael Galindo, in his own words (with a little help from daddy).

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Month-by-Month: Jude At 1 Month

Our baby boy Jude turned one month old on November 4th. It’s amazing how quickly babies grow!

Jude turns 1...month old!
Jude turns 1...month old!

We’ve also begun introducing Jude to tummy time. He really likes it!

Tummy time for Jude