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Jonathan Cain of Journey on “Don’t Stop Believin'”

Great interview with Jonathan Cain of Journey talking about his time with Journey, as a musician, and this great segment on why “Don’t Stop Believin'” still works after all these years.

Steve Perry had a certain character he played and he sang about in all the songs. When I got in the band I realized that and I stayed true to it. It was never about sex, drugs and rock and roll with Perry, it was the boy next door and he was playing that. So it would be very seldom that he would get the girl in the songs, you know, he’s always got a broken heart and he’s looking to fix it. So that was Steve Perry. When I joined the band I saw the character and we stayed true to it. I think I added the blue collar [element], if it was missing, in ’81 when I came in. Being a big fan of Bob Seger, I wanted to bring that… infuse that blue collar street guy into our songs.

Don’t Stop Believin’ was one of the first ones that we were really successful at achieving… especially having a hit. It’s got a lot of cool images and it’s a movie all to itself, so very happy we did that the right way, you know?

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via Interview – Jonathan Cain, JOURNEY, December 2012 | 100% ROCK MAGAZINE.

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