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Journey, Steve Perry reunion? Maybe for a farewell tour, Schon says

A Journey/Steve Perry reunion scenario is probably unlikely but at least it’s possibility. Personally, I’m hoping Steve Perry completes and releases the recordings he has worked on. Either way, most of these guys are in their early 60’s now. Don’t wait too long.

APRIL 25, 2012

Journey reunion rumors and any news on Steve Perry are the golden bars of currency when it comes to ’80s — so valuable that when we hear one, you flash it around like you just won the lottery. Well, the Huffington Post is the latest winner, scoring an interview with Journey guitarist/founder Neal Schon, keyboardist Jonathan Cain and still-freshly minted lead singer Arnel Pineda.

Neal Schon, Jonathon Cain, Arnel Pineda of Journey.

During the interview, they’re asked about the chances for a Journey reunion with Perry,

who remains one of of the most beloved frontmen of any recent decade with fans.

“I don’t think there’s anyway not to have Arnel at this point,” Schon answers. “Who can say never? You can never say it’s never going to happen. Maybe ten years from now? Six years? Who knows?”

What if Perry called right now and asked to reunite, the HuffPost asked.

“… If that situation ever came up, I think it would be the both of them [Pineda and Perry, who haven’t yet met in person],” Schon said. “And I think it would be at the point where it’s a farewell tour … and we’re done. That’s the only appropriate way to go about it”

Pineda seemed to liked the idea: “I hope I can sing with him, you know, side by side. If he would welcome that. That would be awesome. I think, especially the hard core fans, they would love it.”

Cain, who had perhaps the most productive relationship with Perry as a singer/songwriter duo, seemed to defend Perry most of the interview, despite the continued barbs from Schon.

To read what they all had to said, click here for the full interview.

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