Why I Think Moolala Is Cool

For a couple of months on Twitter, Facebook, and on, I’ve been enthusiastically encouraging people to sign up with Some people might be wondering why I’m so persistent in trying to get them to sign up.

To me, it’s simple – Moolala offers great deals that save you money PLUS they reward their members by helping them make money too. That alone makes Moolala worth looking into.

Still, I decided it might be good for me go into more specific detail. Here is my quick list of four reasons why I think Moolala is cool and why YOU should sign up and give them a try:


There are a lot of other daily deal sites. What makes signing up with Moolala unique (and brilliant) is in addition to the great deals, you also can earn rewards by helping your friends get those same deals! This is the reason I’m asking all of you to click on and sign up. After signing up, I make a small reward off any purchases you make.  But this isn’t just about me. YOU can get in on the rewards too. Once you sign up, you can invite your own friends. Then, you’ll start earning rewards off all the purchases of those you refer. I think that’s cool!

Free to sign up – No risk

These deals are brought to you totally FREE. Seriously, there’s absolutely no cost or risk to subscribe and become a member. Even if you don’t buy any deals, you are still rewarded for the purchases of those you invite to sign up. Again…cool.

Personalized Site Codes

Moolala makes inviting your friends super easy too with their personalized site codes. Mine is Once you sign up, head to the Account Info tab and choose your Member Site Code. No crazy, random numbers and letters to remember. Just quick and easy, like Has my power of suggestion to click on worked?? 😉

Great Deals – Every Day

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about the deals. Moolala partners with reputable local and online merchants to provide deals that will save you 50-90% off retail. When you subscribe, these offers are delivered directly to your email inbox each morning. You can subscribe to deals via Facebook or Twitter, and you can always see the latest deal at The deals are on products and services people you actually need and use. This picture is a collection of some the recent deals I’ve taken advantage of:

A sampling of MooLaLa's daily deals!

One more personal reason…

I hope this helps explain some of the reasons why I think Moolala is cool and why they are unique. There’s also one other big reason why I think Moolala and the people there are cool.  They were smart enough to hire my incredible wife to work for them. Moolala is run by a group of extremely talented, hard-working, good people you can trust doing business with. Give them a try. Sign up now. Use my site code,, and see what Moolala is all about.

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