Coffee in a Pinch

Making the Switch

Almost a year and a half ago, in January of 2009, we decided to stop using our electric drip coffee maker and start using a French press. This was after recommendations from several people and reading the following in one of my favorite cooking magazines, Cook’s Illustrated:

For a more full-bodied brew, we recommend using a French press, which not only reserves the coffee’s oils, but also allows you to control water temperature and brewing time.

We ended up buying an 8-cup Bodum French Press and after a short time, were hooked. It was easy to use (despite the rumors I’d heard) and took up almost no counter space (unlike our old electric coffee maker). Other benefits were the energy saved and less waste when brewing coffee. Ultimately, we said farewell to the old electric drip coffee maker in our last garage sale.

A Broken French Press

Unfortunately, the spout on the glass beaker part of the French press cracked two weekends ago. Rather than taking a chance at drinking chunks of glass, I threw the broken press into the garbage and ended up brewing some Earl Grey tea for myself.

I haven’t had time to get a new French press and this morning, I wanted to have some coffee without having to go buy a cup somewhere. I started thinking of ways I could brew some coffee and remembered the coffee percolator I have in my camping supplies. Why not give it a try?

Turns out that the percolator will definitely work in a pinch. But I’ll still be shopping for a new French press.

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