I'm getting bored with this blog.

My guess is that it is readily apparent I haven’t been putting a lot of effort into this site in recent months. Sure, I’ve been fiddling with this and that behind the scenes, but I haven’t really shared much. The Twitter Tools WordPress plugin has become a lazy crutch to create posts each Sunday with a digest of my tweets from the previous week. Other than that and a few random posts here and there, I haven’t really contributed much here.

If I was going to come up with some kind of excuse, it would probably be “I’ve been really busy” or something like that. In reality, I think I am just getting a little bored and haven’t felt like I’ve had all that much to talk about.

I could spend some time talking about the well of creativity running dry or the struggle to find inspiration. Not today. Life is just like this sometimes. I’ll deal with it.

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