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My mom reads this.

Writing more.

Recently, I’ve been trying to post to a little more frequently. The problem I have is spending too much time putting a blog post together.  I have several friends (see the “Friends” links in my sidebar) that are really prolific, sharing ideas and thoughts on everything from cupcakes to podcasting – several times a week. That’s awesome!

When I write (or type) I end up continually editing as I write. Rather than letting the words flow freely and cleaning things up at the end, I check for grammar, punctuation and continuity throughout. Hell, I’m doing that right now! What’s good about this is I am usually pretty happy with what I end up. The bad part is it may be weeks before anything new appears here.

That alone shouldn’t be a big deal. This is my personal blog, and compared to most, my regular readership is low. However, my mom reads my blog.

My mom reads this.

My mom called me yesterday. (Hi Mom!) We had a really good talk and I got caught up on everything that’s been going on with her and the rest of my family (my dad, my stepdad, my four sisters, my brother, and ELEVEN nieces and nephews).

The wierd thing about my family is that we tend to go long periods of time without calling or talking to each other. But we’re still really close and the whole thing works. Before yesterday, I hadn’t talked to my mom or anyone in my family in several weeks. When my mom called yesterday, she told me she had been reading this blog and keeping up with everything that had been going on, both good and bad.

Her comment made a big impact on me. It reminded that this hobby of mine was also serving to keep me connected to my family. That’s a big deal – at least to me.

I’ll do better.

I’m going to write here more frequently. Because of that,what I share might not be polished and some things might not make sense. Bear with me. I’ll do better.

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