Radio Galindo – Experimental Edition 1

A Long Time Coming

A project I’ve been working on recently is putting together my own podcast. In preparing to publish the first experimental episode of Radio Galindo, my previous WordPress installation decided to have a thermonuclear meltdown. Rather than trying to patch things up, I decided to go with a fresh install of WordPress.

Well, the new installation did the trick and here we are, back up an running! In that spirit, check out my experiment and let me know what you think.

Here, for the first time…Radio Galindo – Experimental Edition 1!


Show Notes

Title: Radio Galindo – Experimental Edition 1

Recorded: Sunday, August 3rd

Length: 11:05

Intro Theme song: “Sanford & Son”

Introduction: The FIRST “Experimental Edition” of Radio Galindo

Topic 1: “This Podcast – Why and Why Now?”

Topic 2: “Music to Share”

Topic 3: “Things I Like”

Disclaimer and fine print: I want to mention, in the interest of full-disclosure, at 8:16 in the recording I drop an uncharacteristic “f-bomb“. Hey, it’s my personal blog, so why censor myself?

Tunnels of Doom circa 1982
Tunnels of Doom circa 1982

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