Upgrade to WordPress 2.5 and Options Theme 1.1.1

Upgrade to WordPress 2.5 Complete

In my opinion, WordPress is simply one of the best open-source applications available. It became my blogging platform almost a year ago when I converted from Blogger, which was easy to use, but didn’t offer the control I was looking for. As a now-confessed WordPress-junkie, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of version 2.5. The wait is over.

The upgrade from my previous version of WordPress (2.3.1) was a three-step process. It’s been about 60 days since I last updated versions so I had to install the intermediate updates, 2.3.2 and 2.3.3 first. After that I was able to install WordPress’s current AWESOME version of 2.5. In the short time I’ve been using it I’ll just say it’s pretty cool.


Upgrade to Options Theme 1.1.1 Complete

After the WordPress upgrade, I installed the update from Justin Tadlock’s beta Options Theme to Options Theme 1.1.1. I could have installed that a couple of weeks ago, but I decided on waiting until after my WP 2.5 upgrade. I ran into one hiccup where I kind of broke my blog. Fortunately, I made a backup of the directory that was corrupted so it was a matter of just deleting the directory, FTP’ing the backup and starting over.

I’m going to continue to make some tweaks over the next few days to clean the look of my blog up. Overall, I really like how the upgrades function.

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