For the love of nougat.

Maybe the word love is a bit strong, but I like nougat.  If it’s made right, I really enjoy the way this chewy sweet confection tastes.  I even like the way the word nougat sounds.  Say it fast or say it slow, it just sounds funny.   It’s a good word.  But what is nougat, really?  Funny you should ask.  Check out the site

In the last year and a half, I’ve even made a couple of batches of nougat myself:

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I must say they didn’t turn out half bad.  One thing’s for sure.  Making nougat is both science and art.

So what got me thinking of nougat today?  A friend at work called me over and said, “Stop by when you can.  I’ve got something for you that is all YOU.”

When I walked over, here’s what he gave me:


The definition of Nougatocity.  Found on the inside of a Snicker’s wrapper.

Awesome, huh?  Simply nougat.

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