Day 7, BPP-4: Dry Eye and a Dry Day in the Arizona Desert

Today was dry day here in Arizona. Here are the current readings here in Chandler:

Weather reading - Chandler, AZ April 15, 2008
Weather reading - Chandler, AZ April 15, 2008

See the time and temperature? 80 degrees at 7:25 in the evening. See the humidity? 9% That’s dry.

Now, you may be thinking , “Yes that’s dry, but you live in the desert. Why do you bring it up?”

Normally, it’s fairly dry. But this is REALLY dry. Everybody’s been complaining of dry eyes and dry sinuses. For me, I’ve been sneezing a lot and had to take extra special care of my eye today. In addition to that, it’s really windy today which only aggravates the situation. My eye patch and the gel eye drops really helped today.

Aside from that, not much else to report today, but I’m doing ok. I’ll write more tomorrow on where I’m at with my BP.

Well, I think I’m going to relax and finish watching American Idol. And Vote for Jason Castro -he’s of Colombian descent, like me. Got to support the heritage right? Wave


  1. Hi David, long time no hear from! MN is great and we were actually just in town there the 10-14th. Jason G. emailed me about all this last night after he found out from you apparently; needless to say I was quite shocked by it all! Well anyway, all our best wishes go out to you for a speedy recovery and we’ll keep checking back here to get updates! I do hope that you keep your spirits up, even though it seems to drag you down at times. You can get through anything with the right amount of determination and attitude. Or just plain being ornery! 😉 Keep your chin up, and hope to see you the next time we’re in town for a visit! Take care of yourself!!

    With much admiration,
    Candy & Jason Weidholz

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