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Day 6, BPP-3: Doctor's Visit and Working With An Eye Patch

Doctor’s Visit

Today is Monday and a visit to my primary care provider. Last Wednesday, when I woke up with this facial paralysis, I went to a local Urgent Care center for my initial Bell’s Palsy diagnosis. I was pretty happy with the service and attention there, but I still felt I should make an appointment to see my regular doctor fairly soon. So this morning, before work, I went to my appointment.

My doctor is a pretty cool guy. He happens to be from Michigan and from my home town of Tecumseh. It was about ten years ago , after an unfortunate mountain biking incident (translation: crash and bruised ribs), that I was referred to his office. Anyway, he has a good way of telling me everything’s gonna be cool while compare stories of our last visits to the mittened-state.

So today was no different. We went over what had been happening over the last week and he recommended a slightly different course of action to help my recovery go a little smoother. Still, it’s a matter of time and patience. Because I’ve got complete paralysis on the right side I’m still looking at several weeks. The good news is: he told me not to worry; that I’m going to make a full recovery. Then I’ll be able to do things like this again!: Wink

Working With An Eye Patch

Oh, I took more progress pictures today. I think it’s too soon to notice any difference so I’m not going to post those here now. However, check this one out:

Right eye covered with eye patch.
Right eye covered with eye patch.

Nice look, huh?

I bought the eye patch last week. It’s been really helpful when I’ve needed to let my eye rest and to keep wind and dust out of my eye. I think I mentioned before about the drying of my eye due to it not blinking or closing fully. After putting some artificial tears in the eye, the patch (along with a small gauze square underneath) makes it a lot more comfortable.

So you think I’d be dying to wear this cool pirate-looking thing out in public, right? No, not really. I’ve been pretty self-conscious about it. Until today, I either wore my reading glasses or just held the eye shut to help with the discomfort. When I tried to use the mouse at my computer with my right hand AND hold my right eye shut… you get the picture. I was all twisted up. I finally broke down and started wearing the eye patch at work today at work. It was still a long day, but it was easier to bear.

More than ever, I’m learning humility and to be humble.

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I bought an eye patch just this morning (10-09-12) because I had serious brain surgery in late-2002 that caused third nerve palsy which resulted in my left eye being what’s known as a “googly eye”.

People often stare at the silly thing and/or make rude comments about it, so I’d rather go with the “pirate look” then having my eye look all queer in public.

I knew somebody in Seattle approx. 15 years ago that used an eye patch, and nobody even questioned it.

Great job on your site! I found it via the link on the BP forum. My hats off to you for your courage in dealing with this new and unexpected challenge. I just hit the 4 week mark with BP and am seeing some slight improvements. My eye blinks involuntarily some times which has alleviated the dry eye issues and my facial symmetry has gotten better so when at rest I look fairly normal. Other than the ability to close the eye I have no other perceptible movement yet but it will come in time. Best of luck with your recovery, you will be smiling again before you know it!


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