Great weather, great friends.

March is Spring Training time in Arizona. You can’t beat the weather on days like this when it’s sunny and in the mid 70’s.

Spring Training, Tempe Diablo Stadium Spring Training, Tempe Diablo Stadium

Me and two buddies, Chris and Brandon, went to see the Anaheim Angels vs the Texas Rangers on Sunday, March 9th here at Tempe Diablo Stadium. Don’t let Chris fool you – he’s having a good time. And Brandon, he’s always happy!

Spring Training, Tempe Diablo Stadium

By the way, if you want to check out a cool up-and-coming local band, check out Brandon’s band, “A Vacant Night Sky“.

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If I knew the pictures were going on the website I would at least taken my shirt off… And you forgot to mention that Brandon is wearing 2 pairs of glasses… 😯

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