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The flying-g-mobile turns 30.

My car hit a major milestone on Saturday.

Turning the big 3-0.

It went over 30000 miles. No worries though. It’s still running just like new.

Yes, that’s my personalized license plate:

flyingg license plate

It’s Flying G – as in flyinggalindo. I’ve had it for 4 or 5 years. Most of the time people think it just says “flying” and then ask if I’m a pilot, which I am not (at least not of airplanes). I never thought I was a personalized plate kind of guy but personalized plates are only $25 a year here in Arizona so I figured “What the heck”.

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I’ve been thinking “flyinggalindo” must mean:

1. The name of a former family circus trapeze act
(Although, I think I would have heard about that).

2. Your Indian Name (Dances with galindos is mine).

3. Rudy Galindo after a “Fabulous” skating program.

but, I can’t help but picturing you in a red cape pretending to fly
around you back yard.

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