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Buyer’s Remorse: The Extra-Long Chili Cheese Coney Dog

I’ve been working until midnight the last couple of weeks. Because of that, it’s been a little difficult to eat healthy when we have our lunch breaks. I use the word lunch loosely here because I let my group take their “lunch” break around 7:30pm which, when compared to my normal eating habits, is really a late dinner . (I know, that makes me sound like an old man, doesn’t it?) .

For a few days I was doing good. I planned ahead and brought a sandwich and chips for lunch from home. That didn’t last though. I got lazy and stopped bringing my lunch in. One of those nights, I stopped at Jack-in-the Box on the way home at around 12:15am. The next night, it was the local donut shop. Monster Tacos and chocolate-frosted, old-fashioned donuts really aren’t the best thing for you when you’re going to go to sleep thirty minutes later.

My dinner this evening around 7:45pm:

An “Extra Long Chili Cheese Coney Dog”, large tater tots, and Route 44 iced tea. That’s a lot of food to put in my 170 pound body. Yes, it tasted good. However, I did what you should NEVER DO AFTER eating out… I checked out the nutrition info for that coney dog at Sonic’s website.

Looks like I found my motivation to head back to the gym.

I’ll let you know how that works out.


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what you left out for your readers is that you got enough donuts to have them both as a midnight snack and breakfast. small but important detail.

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