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Red Vines or Twizzlers?

The vending machine in the break room at work has a new addition: Red Vines, also known as the “Original Red Twists”. To licorice lovers out there, you are no doubt aware of the battle for supremacy between Red Vines and Twizzlers. Twizzlers are usually the brand featured prominently in standard vending machines and at your local Circle-K whereas Red Vines tend to reign at movie theaters.

I used to manage a movie theater (back in the day) so lets just say I’ve had a few Red Vines. And if you get them fresh, they’re even better – not as tough and chewy as the “aged” Red Vines. You can probably guess where my loyalty lies. So, imagine my surprise when I go to grab a snack today and I see Red Vines sitting right there in position #134. I feed in my crisp $1 bill, take my prize and head back to my desk. The package is a 4 ounce – 3 serving package. What you normally see at theaters is the Jumbo Twist, 16 ounce – 11 serving package. So this one’s a little more manageable.

Back at my desk I tear open the package and sample one of the Vines. Yep – they’re fresh! 3 servings later, I’m satisfied. And like the bag says at the top… “Always Fat Free”.

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